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    “The future is born from the dreams of the past and the choices of the present”

    Lala Deheinzelin

    Our WIKIFUTURES is easy to use and allocates the collection of Create Futures, a movement that stimulates the creation of vision of desirable futures which can then become part of the imaginary and feed the future. In this way, they are able to be a motor for action, to inspire choices as well as identify opportunities. 

    In the WIKIFUTURES you have access to the visions of hundreds of people who have answered the question:In the WIKIFUTURES you have access to the visions of hundreds of people who have answered the question:

    “If everything were possible, which future would I want?” 

    You can also:

    • create and publish his/her own desirable futures
    • edit, complement and comment the futures published by other people, adding ideas, contents and nuances
    • use the platform in order to create meeting groups and Forums
      create data bases(s) over themes of interest
    • use the Sections in order to tell or get to know important information related to the theme of Futures.

    The WIKI builds up bodies of knowledge through cooperation: users create new contents or change previously published contents. Such an interactive and dynamic process generates data that reveals the knowledge, characteristics, history and potential of the communities and countries of the users.

    You start by answering the question: “If anything were possible, which future would I want?”

    You allow yourself to wish without worrying whether your ideas are viable or plausible.

    Get unattached to the present and think of the premiss “if anything were possible…”

    Do not think about criticizing the present, think of Imagining Solutions

    Create your vision of a desirable future. Cooperate. Add up!

    Create the future!

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