10- EDITING DESIRABLE FUTURES previously published by me or by other people

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    The WIKI is a system built up collectively, and this is where its strength lies. Such systems are “open”, that is, they allow their members to transform the information they contain. Therefore, it is possible to add, edit or complement the DESIRABLE FUTURES of its collection.

    To Edit elements of the Wiki, follow the steps:

    • After Loging in, search and locate the page you want to edit by typing KEY-WORDS in the search field (above in the page). Afterwards, click on the SEARCH button. It is also possible to locate pages by clicking on the THEME OF DAILY LIFE associated to a particular future. The list of THEMES OF DAILY LIFE is on the left side of all pages.
    • When the page that you intend to edit is fully downloaded, click on the EDIT PAGE button (under the central menu).  The DESIRABLE FUTURE will re-open, but now in a mode that allows to transform the information (update, add, etc). We remind you that, besides text, it is also possible to work with images, audio and video. To further edit the Page, the procedure is the same as when creating a new Page (a new future). If you have any doubts about how to do it, consult the tutorials about how to publish DESIRABLE FUTURES, how to insert videos or audio, how to add images or hyperlinks and how to add complementary files.
    • After resuming editing the page, click on the SAVE button.

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