13- The EXTRA FUNCTIONS offered by the MORE button

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    The MORE button offers the following functions:

    • HISTORY: tells all that has been altered in this page since its publication, including dates and names of who performed the changes.
    • SEND PAGE: offers the possibility to send this Page to another person. After clicking on this function, you type the electronic direction to which you want the Page to be sent to. 
    • FOLLOW THIS PAGE: after clicking click here, the automatic system of the WIKI will tell inform you every time that this Page is changed / edited. Naturally, you use this function only when you have interest to follow the changes that happen to a particular Page. To make this function inactive, you go to the MORE button once more and click on STOP FOLLOWING THIS PAGE.
    • KEY-WORDS: a different path to insert KEY-WORDS in the future that you are currently visiting.

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