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    Participating in this WIKI is free, and all you need to do is to create a profile identified by a User Name and a Password. Afterwards, you will be entitled to publish DESIRABLE FUTURES, to visit, to edit or comment DESIRABLE FUTURES that have been published by other people. Further, you will also be able to download or upload files that you consider relevants.

    The best option is that besides joining this WIKI, you also join the Create Futures social net. When you click on PARTICIPATE IN THE NETWORK you enter another platform, in which you will be able to inscribe yourself. Net members receive our mail, have priority in our activities and can publish their events, too.
    To become a user, follow the following steps:

    • In the Home page, click in the REGISTER button (left side, above)
    • After accepting the TERMS OF USE, click on Accept at the end of the page
    • Fill in the fields of the formulary that appears next: USER NAME, EMAIL, PASSWORD, PASSWORD VERIFICATION and TYPE IN THE LETTERS OF THE IMAGE
    • To end the registration, click upon the button Create Account.

    After a few seconds, your account will have been created and a welcome/confirmation email will have been sent to the email address you have provided. In the WIKIFUTUROS, you will see a page that says: “Congratulations! You are now a member of the WIKIFUTUROS community as well as of the CREATE FUTURES MOVEMENT, which aggregates people from different countries, ages and social classes that have something in common: the certainty that we have something good to share and that by doing it, we contribute to build up the future we wish for.” 
    What can i do in the digital platforms of Create Future?

    • You can get to know and, because this is a wiki, you can also edit and complement the hundreds of futures created in 10 countries. Type key-words to use the SEARCH function.
    • Become a member of the Create Futures Network (click in the menu and you will be taken to the platform of the network, where you Will be able to become a member)
    • Add futures or our link to your social net, blog, twitter, facebook, etc
    • Do you want to organize conferences or workshops to create desirable futures (for school, enterprises, NGO’s, artists, etc)? Go to contato@criefuturos.com.br

    The Sections are dedicated to information related to the theme “Future” or to activities orgazined within and by the Movement Create Futures.
    Future in the Present - people and institutions that are already creating futures.
    Studies of the Futures –
    relevant information: documents, articles, images, videos, links.
    Desirable New World –
    re-invention of daily life the way we would like it to be.
    Conferences –
    Content of Create Futures Thematic Seminaries.
    Virtual Parliament –
    here, you are the government, and you create laws, spaces and policies
    Collections of Futures –
    Content generated within the thematic CreatFuturures Workshops

    The Daily Life Themes inspire and lead us towards a broader view. Example: Teach & Learn is larger than “education”. We are interested in new processes, ways of doing and thinking.

    In the menu Join the Network, you get to know the community. By being a member of it, you follow our activities and, among other things, can post your own events and activities.

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