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    A SUBPAGE is different from a Page that describes a DESIRABLE FUTURE, but refers to a similar subject. Therefore, it can be grouped to this particular future. For example: a future that talks about different ways to generate electric energy from the energy produced by human activity. This can be the main page, and the subpages will describe different solutions, such as special pavements in the sidewalks of busy streets, or the floor of a dancing club, or the lane where athletes of a marathon will run. The DESIRABLE FUTURE refers to changing human energy into electricity, and the different models are the subpages.

    To create subpages, follow the steps:

    • After logging in, use the SEARCH function to find the Page to which you want to add subpages to.
    • When the Page (the particular future) is fully donwloaded, click on CREATE SUBPAGE.
    • From here on, proceed the same way as for creating a main page. When you finish, do not forget to click on save, because if you forget… the whole work will be lost! :-(

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