05 - Searching DESIRABLE FUTURES in this WIKI

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    The DAILY LIFE THEMES in the left column are general topics within which we can place the DESIRABLE FUTURES that we publish. The association of a DESIRABLE FUTURE to a DAILY LIFE THEME makes it possible to other user members to find DESIRABLE FUTURES by sing the SEARCH FUNCTION. When a DESIRABLE FUTURE is not associated to one of the DAILY LIFE THEMES, the SEARCH FUNCTION of the WIKIFUTUROS fails. The classification of futures within the DAILY LIFE THEMES makes it possible that they are found.

    In order to associate a DESIRABLE FUTURE to a DAILY LIFE THEME you only need to choose one of the topics in the left and type it in the appropriate field of the future you are creating. In the field destined to the text that describe the future, there is a clear indication about where to type the DAILY LIFE THEME: “Write here the DAILY LIFE THEME from the column in the left that has inspired this DESIRABLE FUTURE.”

    After writing and saving the DESIRABLE FUTURE, we recommend you type once more the same DAILY LIFE THEME within the TAGS field.

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