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    Adding a VIDEO or AUDIO to your DESIRABLE FUTURE is quite simple. Since this is a WIKI, you can also add VIDEOS or AUDIOS to futures published by other people. In order to do that, follow the steps:

    • Log in
    • Start creating a DESIRABLE FUTURE after clicking on the CREATE FUTURE button.
    • Click on the ADD VIDEO button in the formatting text banner (to activate the formatting text functions, you must first click in the typing text field)
    • In the new window that opens, click on NORMAL IF you want to add a VIDEO, and choose LARGE in relation to the size. If you want to add an AUDIO, click on NORMAL and on SMALL in relation to the size.
    • Click on NEXT (right side, below) and wait until the new Box downloads (VIDEO OR AUDIO)
    • Click on UPLOAD in order to be able to choose the AUDIO or VIDEO file that you want to publish
    • Click on BROWSE and locate the relevant VIDEO or AUDIO file
    • Click on UPLOAD and wait for the file to be uploaded
    • Click on NEXT
    • Type the KEY-WORDS in the new window that opens; these KEY-WORDS are meant to locate the VIDEO or AUDIO through the SEARCH FUNCTION
    • Click on NEXT
    • Click on OK to give up copyrights of the uploaded VIDEO or AUDIO files
    • Click on the SAVE button in the formatting text Field and ...


    GREAT! The VIDEO or AUDIO has been added to the page.

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