03 – Publishing a DESIRABLE FUTURE03 – Publishing a DESIRABLE FUTURE

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    Publishing a DESIRABLE FUTURE is quite simple. If you want tips on how to imagine a desirable future, please, refer to “TUTORIAL 2: What it is and how to imagine a DESIRABLE FUTURE”. After imagining it, you write a text describing this future, gives it a TITLE, save it as page of the WIKIFUTUROS, and last but not least, you define some KEY WORDS which will make it possible for other people to use the SEARCH FUNCTION in order to locate the future you have published. If you want, you can also add foto’s, drawings, graphics or other text related to the DESIRABLE FUTURE you have created (magazine or newspaper articles, poems, etc.)

    In to order to publish a DESIRABLE FUTURE, you follow the steps below:

    • Log in: click on the Login button (left side of the page), and fill in you USER NAME and PASSWORD. (If you have forgotten the password, follow the instructions in TUTORIAL 16 - What to do if I have forgotten my PASSWORD)
    • Once you are logged in, click on the CREATE FUTURE Button (top right side of the Page)
    • The new page you will see is the where you can insert the text of your DESIRABLE FUTURE. The page itself provides instructions about what to write and where. You can start by typing the TITLE of the future you are going to create, but you may also write the text first and, afterwards, come back to type the TITLE.
    • The gray banner over the space to type the text provides commands that enable you to give format to the text. These commands are the same as in a text editor program such as WORD or OpenOffice, and allow you to give emphasis to important (key) words using ITALIC or BOLD, or by using OTHER COLOURS or FONT SIZE. It is also possible to combine these functions (example: BOLD + ITALIC + FONT SIZE + COLOUR)
    • If you want to insert an image within the text (photo, drawing, graphic, etc.), click on the appropriate button in the gray banner – IMAGEM BOTAO INSERIR IMAGEM --. A box will open through which you can locate in your computer the image you want. After choosing the image, you define its size by clicking on the appropriate buttons offered. In order to get a good visualization of the image, we recommend that you use large or medium size. Next, you define the location you want for the image: center, right  or left.
    • It is also possible to insert HYPERLINKS within the text in order to allow other users to be directed to other web pages which are relevant to this future. If you want to create a HYPERLINK you click on the appropriate button in the gray banner, and a small window will appear offering the field where you must type the address of the HYPERLING. It is necessary to type the COMPLETE ADDRESS following the pattern: HTTP://www.address.com. Another way to insert the direction of a page in Internet is by “Copy & Paste” (you copy the address of the HYPERLINK and paste it in this field). After defining the HYPERLINK, you click on OK.
    • To finalize inserting the text of your DESIRABLE FUTURE (as well as possible images, hyperlinks, etc.), you click on the SAVE button (top left side of the gray banner which offers commands for text formatting) and… ready! Your DESIRABLE FUTURE is now part of the WIKIFUTUROS!

    Nonetheless, what would be the use of creating a DESIRABLE FUTURE if other users can not find it and read it? To make this possible, you must provide the ways for the search function to find it. This is also the way you yourself can retrieve this same future later in case you want to modify or add something to it. In order to make it possible for the search function to find it, follow the steps:

    • Click on EDIT PAGE
    • In the field below the text of the future, type in the TAGS, that is, some KEY-WORDS the text. Among those, it is important that you also type the DAILY LIFE THEME that you have chosen for your DESIRABLE FUTURE. In case you do not remember which theme it was, refer once more to the list of DAILY LIFE THEMES on the left side of the page.

    It is also possible to add other files related to the DESIRABLE FUTURE that you have created. Other users will be able to download these files in case they want to. Examples: photos of an event as a workshop where this future was created, or articles over the same subject, etc. By adding files to your DESIRABLE FUTURE, you enrich the future you publish in this WIKI since you create a data base accessible to other users. In order to add other documents of files (images, audio, text, video, pdf, Excel, graphics, etc.) follow the steps:

    • Click on ADD FILES OR IMAGES to open the window that allows you to choose in your computer the file that you want to make accessible to other users. After selecting the file in question, click on ATTACH FILES.

    It is also possible to add a COMENT to the DESIRABLE FUTURE you have created. Doing this helps to arouse interest on this future. In order to do this, you only need to type your COMMENT in the Field ADD COMMENT (at the bottom of the Page).

    We remind you that in order to MAKE A GROUP (for example: all the futures created for a particular school or professional team), all you need to do is to start the TITLE with the same name or to add the same TAG to all the futures in question.

    The DESIRABLE FUTURE is now totally created and can be accessed by all other users! It is part of the collection of futures of the WIKIFUTUROS and can be read by anyone with internet access.

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