08 – Adding COMPLEMENTARY FILES (images, audios, videos, graphics, texts, PDF’s, Excell) for other members to download

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    Adding COMPLEMENTARY FILES is simple. After writing the DESIRABLE FUTURE, defining the KEY-WORDS (TAGS) and the DAILY LIFE THEME to which it belongs, follow the steps below in order to add photo’s, images, drawings or texts related to your DESIRABLE FUTURE (such as newspaper or magazine articles, excerpts of a book, quotations, poems, etc.) or graphics and PDF or Excel Files, for example.

    • click on the ADD FILES OR IMAGES button. A box opens to allow you to search in your computer the file (text, PDF, image, video, audio, etc.) you want to insert as a complement to this DESIRABLE FUTURE. If you want detailed information on how to select images, video or audio, please, refer to “TUTORIAL 6: – ADDING a VIDEO or AUDIO to a DESIRABLE FUTURE” 
    • Wait until the file in question is fully uploaded. After that, you will see an indication to inform that this file is already part of the page. 
    • Click on the SAVE button in the gray field (formatting text field).

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