02 – What it is and how to imagine a DESIRABLE FUTURE

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    A desirable future is the reality as you wish it were. One only needs fantasy and imagination in order to create DESIRABLE FUTURES. If the world were as you wish… how would it be, then? Imagine that aill is possible and tehere are no limits for your dreams. How would you live? How would you participate in decisions that affect your work and your country? Como would the cities be? How would the relationships among people be? And among countries? What would the schools look like? How would we treat the animals? Which actions would be taken by administrators? How would we relate to nature? Where and in which way would we work? How many professions could we have and which would those be? How would we have fun? How would we educate our children? How would families be? What would our houses look like? Our street? Our garden?

    There are no limits to imagine how things could be, and here in the WIKITFUTUROS, there is space to dream of a world as we would like it to be. History shows that future realities are born very often from what has been dreamed of in the past. Visions of the future created and in past decades have been the source to generate the present that we now live in: internet, telecommunications, computers, skyscrapers, life organized around the cars, “long-distance” surgeries, fast food, etc. 

    The important thing is to search for SOLUTIONS instead of using abstract or general concepts such as “I want a future in which everybody is happy and is entitled to equal rights”. The question it HOW, and the most important is to create concrete futures, that is, futures that can be visualized, planned and – why not? – put to practice. 


    • You can star by choosing one of the themes displayed in the listo n the left of the Page: DAILY LIFE THEMES 
    • Then, you ask yourself: “If everything was possible, how would I like the ………. (choosen THEME) to be? 
    • Imagine that you are now in the future, and describe what your imagination has Just created. To help givin shape to your thoughts, think of the following questions: What? Who? How? When? What for?
    • Examples of what one may imagine:
    • Laws, rules, and policies concerning the use of public spaces and resources
    • A new profession or activity which does not exist at the moment
    • Changes in the way we do things (our habits), or in the way we think about things (mentality)  
    • Inventions, objects, instruments, techniques
    • New spaces or environments, or a different use of spaces, environments or tools which already exist

    Final Shape of your DESIRABLE FUTURE

    • A DESIRABLE FUTURE may be presented as if it was published in a newspaper (news, illustrations, cartoons, ads, interviews, chronicles).
    • It is important to speak clearly and as short as possible so that your future becomes interesting to read and easy to divulgate
    • In order to create a DESIRABLE FUTURE you may also depart from a REMEMBRANCE you have (something that happened to yourself or to someone else). A possible way here consists, for example on imagining, that your great-grandson tells a story which is the future that you have imagined.

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