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    Much of what exists today has been previously thought of through images and visions of the future. Nonetheless, the current visions of the future are scary and without hope. The International Create Futures Movement exists as a way to generate desirable futures – ideas and seeds that can feed our imaginary, mobilize us towards action, inspire innovation and identify opportunities.


    Through methodologies presented and practiced in our workshops (corporative, educational and creative), conferences aimed at the future, Thematic and Creative Experiments Seminaries.
    The Movement Create Futures has two platforms:
    After becoming a member of the Create Futures Network one receives information concerning our activities, is able to publish his/her events, to interact with other members and has priority in all our activities.

    In the WIKIFUTURES (wiki tool) one can:

    Get to know, publish and edit DESIRABLE FUTURES using text, drawings, audio and video. One can also create a data base, a Forum over a specific subject as well as work groups. We have a collection of hundreds of futures which have been created in several countries and, afterwards, have been published distributed within “Themes of Daily Life” categories. One can also send his/her future from Twitter.

    In the Sections, one finds:

    Future in the Present – people and institutions that are already creating futures.
    Studies of the Future – relevant information: documents, articles, images, videos, links.
    Desirable New World –
    re-inventing daily life as we would like it to be.
    Conferences –
    presents the content of the Create Futures Thematic Seminaries.

    Virtual Parliament –
    a place where You are the government and create laws, spaces and policies.
    Collections of Futures –
    presents the content generated in the Create Futures Thematic Workshops.


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